If you’re gonna open up your Climate Control Module, who’s gonna stop you? We might as well show you the right way to do it!

In our previous news post, we showed you a picture of what actual damage may look like. We also told you to be very, very careful if you ever decide to open up a Climate Control Module (CCM) for “self-inspection.”

Some damage is visible to the naked eye. Some damage is invisible. If you see damage, then chances are, we can fix it for you. If you don’t see damage, then only our inspection can tell you whether or not your unit has damage.

Remember, we live and breath this stuff. We see both the micro-details, as well as the big picture. We know the S-Type, and we know electronics. If you really think about it, contains the best of both worlds. No one else can help you the way we can.

Anyway, enough small-talk. We know what you’re here for…

You want to see with your own eyes if your CCM has been damaged. Perhaps you smelled something burning all of a sudden, then your A/C went from super cold to super hot. Hey, why not take a look inside before sending something out that might turn out to be perfectly fine and undamaged? Or perhaps you are planning to make your own repairs (we’ve seen so many botched “repairs” that it’s not even funny…don’t say we didn’t warn you!).

Well, here they are — instructional how-to videos that show you the exact steps to take the CCM apart, and put it all back together.

* Due to limited supply of microphones (it’s removable, at the top of the CCM, and has wires sticking out the back of it leading to a gray connector), some of our core exchange customers may be required to transfer the mic from their original CCM’s housing to the rebuilt & upgraded CCM’s housing. These videos shows you exactly how to do just that as well.

Watch the online videos now!

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