About Us

Our message:
“Dear fellow visitors,

Chances are, you’ve probably arrived here because your car has been suffering from the “blows hot air all the time” syndrome. Guess what? We had the same problem on our very own 2005 Jaguar S-Type. We searched online for other instances of this problem. What we found was that this was a common problem, and that a number of people spent (or were quoted) very large sums to have their Dual Climate Control Valve (DCCV) and Climate Control Module (CCM) replaced.

Now, we understood that purchasing Jaguar parts and getting quality service wasn’t cheap, and we would gladly have paid top dollar for standard repairs due to wear and tear. We also understood why the DCCV, being an electro-mechanical component that typically goes through possibly over a million on/off cycles, would eventually wear down and need replacement. But we just couldn’t believe that the CCM, which had absolutely no moving parts and was not typically exposed to harsh weather conditions, would need replacement after every 4-5 years (anyone with an expired warranty should be able to relate).

We knew something was not right. We put in due diligence to figure out what the source (root cause) of our problem really was. It turned out that a design flaw existed in all 03-08 model year S-Types, which would cause the CCM to fail in sync with the DCCV. We found this to be absolutely unacceptable, because any reasonably-capable product engineer would have caught this during their Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). This was no small matter.

Anyway, to cut to the end of the story, we’ve developed a solution to not only repair these damaged modules, but to also add the necessary fault-protection circuitry to correct this syndrome. So, if you think you may have the same problem, feel free to scour through our site for all the great info about this topic. If you need to send your unit in for service, let us know. We’ll be happy to help.”

- Jeff @ JaguarClimateControl.com

Our background:
We are individuals that have served professionally on the manufacturing-side of things within the automotive and aerospace industries for quite some time already. We have R&D histories that include experience from developing in-car entertainment systems for both aftermarket and “Tier 1″ OEM applications, to putting concept-car designs into actual production packages. We live and breath cars and electronics, and we’re here to share our knowledge and provide our customers with very personalized repair services. We do this because we simply can’t accept dysfunctional A/C in a daily-driven Jaguar, and we surely wouldn’t want you to accept that either.