Core Exchange Program now available!

Starting today, we will be offering a Core Exchange Program (for non-navigation S-Types 2003-2008) to help our customers get back to enjoying cold A/C in just half the time!

We pre-service/upgrade, fully-inspect, and guarantee functionality of the unit (or your money back!). Depending on availability, we can have a unit shipped out as early as the following business day. This is your chance to cut down on the wait-time and get back to enjoying cold A/C sooner rather than later!

Limited Lifetime Warranty is also included on these units, so you’ll never have to worry about the unit failing due to short circuit by the DCCV (heater valve). Just don’t drop the unit on the floor, drown it in water, or anything else drastic, because that wouldn’t be covered under the warranty!

Send us a message via the Contact Us page to inquire about the Core Exchange Program details!

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