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Approved testimonials:

July 5, 2013 -
"Jeff gave fantastic support, including entertaining my absurd need to trace the wiring and completely understand the electronics of the fix (I'm a software engineer). He even pointed me at the exact part I needed to replace one of Jaguar/Ford's bizarre locking connector. Cool as a cucumber now! Thanks ... Well worth the expense!"
John Lawson (Florissant, Colorado)

April 14, 2013 -
"Anyone struggling with a Jaguar climate control problem should start with JaguarClimateControl.com. The web site provides great diagnostic advise and procedures. Any part's repair or exchanges are handled in a prompt and professional manor. My rebuilt computer control module has performed flawlessly. When a new problem appeared Jeff helped me debug the situation, even temporarily supplying a test unit and wiring harness information. In the end it was a broken wire. Summary: Great service and products."
Gary (Cleveland, OH)

July 14, 2011 -
"You are my hero today! It’s hotter than heck in Texas and my AC is blowing freezing cold air again! Thanks for all the wonderful resources you have on your website, I couldn’t have done this without you. I was quoted at two MAJOR car repair chains over $1200 dollars for a new compressor which wouldn't have fixed the problem! Professionals? I think not.. these guys at JCC are the pros in my book! $361 (CCM from JCC with shipping) not include core deposit. $90 DCCV Total $451 I'd like to say I saved $749 dollar but it would have been alot more once the new compressor didn't fix anything! So I probably saved atleast double to triple that ammount! Once again… thank you so much for everything! Sean Mote Lead Photographer/Owner - Sean Mote Photography"
Sean Mote (Dallas, TX)

September 17, 2011 -
"Jeff has done a great job on my ccm works great he fixed and sent it in fast time, would reccommed his service to anyone. Thanks again Shaun"
Shaun (Australia )

April 23, 2012 -
"I did the resistance check on the CCM in my 2003 Jaguar S-Type per the website instructions. I sent the results in and was advised to send the CCM for updating and repair. The unit was faulty, it was repaired and sent in one day and I received it back promptly. It has been reinstalled and now my air conditioning functions 100% normally. The instructions on the website are very clear, detailed and well illustrated. It made the removal and installation process easy. It took no more than 30 minutes each time. Thank you for a job well done at a very economical price."
Jeff Herscovitz (Atlanta, GA)

June 12, 2012 -
"Jeff does just what he says. He shipped my repaired unit within 1 day of receipt and my mechanic installed it the very next day. My AC is blowing cold air. I was initially a lil skeptical...He\\\'s made a believer out of me. Thank you Jeff!"
Janice J (Charlotte, NC)

July 4, 2011 -
"Jaguar Climate Control- I received the CCM on Saturday and installed it. The air blows cold and my wife has never been happier! The repair was fast and I received it 2 days later (I chose 2 days). The instructions on the website were great, and I was able to re-install it in 15 minutes. The only reason it took so long was I stopped to clean some console parts. It was easy out-easy in. It was a fraction of the price of a new one and I would highly recommend JCC, as they install circuitry to keep it from happening again, and it is guaranteed!"
Chris Byrnes (Nashville, TN)

April 5, 2013 -
"Quick response time from initial email to the return of the repaired product! Very professional in all aspects. I sent in CCM and had the product back and reinstalled within 10 days, which due to timing, included 2 weekends; turnaround time from receipt, diagnosis, repair and shipment was same day. The unit is repaired and at a substantially less price than a new one! And . . . his website says it all; easy to navigate, lots of detailed instuctions, definitely someone who cares about what he is doing. My husband says "time to get rid of the Jag before it costs too much to repair", no worries, so far I still get to keep the car; but if there were more sites like Jeff's, I could make all the repairs myself, and for a fraction of what a dealer would charge. Can't say enough, but Thanks so much."
Janell (Liberty Hill, Texas)

September 10, 2011 -
"It was by chance we found Jeff and Jaguar Climate Control. Jeff's website was as easy to understand as cutting butter with a hot knife! The best part of our whole experience was that Jeff provided exactly what he claimed, no hidden costs, no bait and switch, no smoke and mirrors just TRUTH AND GREAT SERVICE, not to mention he saved us hundreds of dollars!! Thanks Jeff"
Kent Scoles (Tennessee)

June 19, 2012 -
"I recently experienced the very common climate control failure on my 2005 Jaguar S-Type. The climate control system was blowing hot air first out of one then somewhat later out of both the driver and passenger air ducts. I searched the web for solutions and ran across Jeff's 'jaguarclimatecontrol.com' site. I ran the tests on the electrical panel on the left side of the dashboard and send Jeff the test results. From this he determined that I had a bad DCCV which probably took out the CCM as well. I removed the CCM following the steps outlined on the website. It was pretty easy to do, about a 30 minute job. I sent the CCM in for repair and it was in deed damaged. Jeff fixed the CCM the same day it arrived and sent it back right away. After replacing the CCM I brought the car in to my Jaguar car dealership to replace the DCCV since I did not want to dig it out myself, however I appreciated Jeff's offer to sell me a new DCCV (cheaper than at the dealership). For more handy people that are willing to replace the DCCV themselves, it will save an additional couple of hundred bucks. At Jaguar I paid about $700 for parts and labor. One other minor issue that came up was that the fuse of the climate control circuit was blown as well. However I may have caused this myself when during troubleshooting. Finally, I just got my car back from the dealership and I am enjoying the cold air again."
Stefan (San Jose, CA)

April 4, 2012 -
"I was very lucky the day that I took my Jaguar S type to the dealer for problems with the temperature control. Lucky from the standpoint that I met another customer with the same car and same problem. He had found Jeff and Jaguar Climate Control already and knew that he was not going to be held for ransom by the dealer service department. After we both got $6000.00 estimates to make the repair (and they didn't even give us the right estimate, they said we had to replace the entire center console unit with the Nav screen) we both left without getting it done. My new friend got a unit from Jeff and successfully replaced his. I was somewhat delayed due to travel, but just this past week I followed their instructions to remove the unit and sent it to Jeff. It only took me 10 minutes to take it out. Jeff confirmed the problem, made the repair and shipped it back to me in one day! I got it yesterday and reinstalled it last night. It took me slightly longer to put it back in as I had a little trouble with the glove compartment (I needed an extra hand that I didn't have!) However when I turned the car on I had wonderful cool air coming from all the vents as opposed to the heat out the driver side and cool out the passenger side prior to the repair. Jeff, this was a fantastic repair and service. The dealer's revised estimate after realizing that he was wrong about where the temp control unit was located was over $1600.00. You saved me $1300 that I didn't have to spend. The extra benefit is that the unit can't get fried again if the DCCV goes bad again! Thank you for providing this amazing service!"
Deborah Morrison (Greenwood, SC)

July 14, 2011 -
"You are my hero today! It’s hotter than heck in Texas and my AC is blowing freezing cold air again! Thanks for all the wonderful resources you have on your website, I couldn’t have done this without you. I was quoted at two MAJOR car repair chains over $1200 dollars for a new compressor which wouldn't have fixed the problem! Professionals? I think not.. these guys at JCC are the pros in my book! $361 (CCM from JCC with shipping) not include core deposit. $90 DCCV Total $451 I'd like to say I saved $749 dollar but it would have been alot more once the new compressor didn't fix anything! So I probably saved atleast double to triple that ammount! Once again… thank you so much for everything! Sean Mote Lead Photographer/Owner - Sean Mote Photography"
Sean Mote (Dallas, TX)

June 24, 2011 -
"If you have an S-type with climate control problems, you've found the right place to help you out!! I found Jeff's site through a Jag forum while researching what might be causing my Jag's climate control problems. I wasn't able to do the electrical testing but had reason to believe my DCCV was shot, so I got a Bosch replacement online and after checking it out, decided to have someone else put that in, saving my knuckles. The CCM removal is a piece of cake following Jeff's instructions, took me only 15 minutes. Jeff was GREAT keeping my updated with the parts arrival, diagnosis and return tracking info. The turnaround was exceptional. It may have only taken 10 minutes to get the repaired CCM back in and I finally had nice cold air on BOTH sides of the car. Thanks again to Jeff and staff for your service."
Bob W (Shrewsbury, MA)

July 17, 2011 -
"Dear Jeff, The information, products and services you provide are first rate. I was able to diagnose and then repair my V8 S-type, with no difficulty (other than the normal limited working room at the front of the V8). The directions greatly reduced the time I had to spend on this repair, especially with regards to taking the unit out of the dash. Turn around time was excellent and I now have freezing cold A/C again at a fraction of the dealer repair cost. Thanks, Gary"
Gary (Cleveland, OH)

January 9, 2013 -
"I utilized your website to troubleshoot and fix the heating problem on my 2001 Jaguar S Type 3.0! My air conditioner was working great, but my heater was blowing cold cold air. Thanks to your website I was able to replace my dual climate control valve (heater control valve) and bleed the air out of the engine coolant system. My heat works great now, and I did all of this by myself for less than two hundred dollars! I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t even normally work on my own cars. Thanks so much for your website, you guys saved me hundreds of dollars! Thanks again, great job guys!"
Dave Hadden (Phoenix, AZ)

August 19, 2011 -
"Smartest money I ever spent. Jeff is the real deal. I was sitting at the Jaguar dealership about to have my CCM replaced, when I came across Jaguar Climate Control. It was going to cost $900 for a new CCM and $500 in labor and a 3 hour wait. Grand total of $1400 plus tax for the same defective part! Needless to say I told the service rep I changed my mind. Got home followed the very simple and clear instructions and had the CCM pulled and in the mail in 15 minutes. Once Jeff received my CCM he had it fixed and upgraded it in a day. I got it back and plugged it in and now my AC/ Heat work beautifully. This guy is a life saver."
Tim S (Adrian, MI)

September 4, 2011 -
"Jaguar Climate Control is fantastic! I am a professional automotive technician without much Jaguar climate control experience. A car that I normally would have sent to the dealer became a profitable repair thanks to the DIY info on the web site and their fast repair services. I highly recommend them to both do it yourselfers and professionals. Thanks again."
Mal H (Boca Raton,fl)

June 21, 2011 -
"Test testimonial."
Jeff | JaguarClimateControl (Brea, CA)

October 21, 2011 -
"Jeff, All of the information on your site is spot on. Wish I had found your site before I let the dealer troubleshoot the A/C on our 2003 S-Type Jag. The dealer misdiagnosed our problem as a faulty valve, "which probably shorted out the Control Module." Their estimated cost of repair was in the neighborhood of $2,500 to $3,000. After finding an aftermarket replacement valve for $100 the problem persisted. I then found your site and contacted you. We decided to replace the original CCM , only to have the problem persist. You guided my mechanic through the test procedures and we found that the problem originated from a bad wire in the harness. A length of 18 gauge wire later and the A/C and heater work like new. Total cost less than a third of the dealer estimate. THANK YOU for your expertise and all the time taken to thoughtfully work through our issues."
Bernie (Buffalo, NY)

April 10, 2012 -
"Jeff, can't thank you enough! I was highly impressed with the DETAILED and easy to follow instructions. I've never seen a Clymer or Hayne's manual for any vehicle so easy to follow as your pictures and info. This is the first time in 3 years of owning this Jag that I've had cold A/C on both sides. You knew exactly the problem with this individual car, not a one size fits all fix by the info I sent you, corrected the problem the same day you received my unit, and had it on its way back to me the next day. I installed the new DCCV and my fixed CCM that evening and have been enjoying driving that car again. Saved me hundreds of dollars by not having to rely on the Jag dealer to tell me what a monumental job this would be and then taking an hour to fix it. If you've got an hour to do it yourself, problem solved and no complications. I read in some Jaguar forum a year or two ago your comments to people having this problem and that you could fix it and never thought I'd find you again, but a few clicks and came across your website. I've never been more pleased with good honest service than that which I've received from you. Thanks again."
Bill Hampton (Ohio)

October 10, 2011 -
"Jeff's assistance with my 2002 S-Type A/C problem was GREAT! After replacing the heater control valve as he suggested I had cold air but only sometimes. Then he had me remove and check the sensors in the evaporator assembly and there I found one that had a lower resistance. He had me go to FORD and purchase Motorcraft P/N YH 1504 sensors. They were an exact replacement and now my A/C works GREAT ALL THE TIME! Thanks again Jeff!!"
David Archibald (Wimauma, FL)

May 30, 2013 -
"Jeff, I had the parts you sent installed and my car runs like new. You are a genius! You also saved me over $1,000 from what my dealer wanted. Also, thank you for the quick refund on the core. You are a man of your word."
Eric Leonard (Northern Virginia)

August 8, 2011 -
"Great product and excellent customer service! Jeff\\\'s webpage not only made it easy to figure out what was wrong, it was very helpful to me in removing the parts. I can\\\'t say enough in support - Jeff was very helpful and professional to deal with and the turn around time in getting the repaired parts back was exceptional. I purchased a new DCCV and had the CCM repaired... the verdict: Excellent! my air blows icy cold in all vents (as if the car was new!) Jeff, I can\\\'t recommend your services highly enough! Thanks for everything."
Peter (Ottawa, Canada)

June 18, 2013 -
"Thanks to Jeff's speedy and accurate work, I got my Van back from my wife. She had refused to drive the 2005 S-Type until I fixed the AC. Going through Jeff saved me probably $1000 or more and my wife can show off in her Jag again. Thank you Jeff."
Jerry Thomas (Easton, Pa)

August 11, 2011 -
"Jeff: Is the greatest! I save over $1,500 by using Jeff's website and communicating with Jeff via email. My AC in my 2005 S-Type is fixed and working very well. The step by step instructions were easy to follow - and I'm not a mechanic. Jeff your the best and Thank God I found you!"
Chris St John (Staten Island NY)


Older, copy & pasted testimonials are still available for viewing below:

from    Troy Crutcher
to    Jeff
date    Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 6:39 PM
subject    RE: [jaguarclimatecontrol.com contact form] CCM inspection


Put in the ccm and did a quick test.  Seems to be working putting out cold air again.
Thanks, takes a little blind faith to ship someone a $1500 part and have them fix it for you.  Nice to see an honest guy out there helping people save money from the dealer gurus.

Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 11:00 AM


After having a very frustrating week with my ac blowing hot on one side and cold on the other, and also numerous trips to the dealer (who eventually told me I had to replace the head unit with the navigation – $1800)…you came to the rescue.
Your website was very simple and easy to understand.  From the diagnostics to the step-by-step instructions for the removal of the unit, I was able to remove it myself and send to you.
I was also very impressed with quick turnaround time and the speedy responses to my questions via email.  You also provided me a phone number to call (this eased alot of uncertainty)

Timeline……Monday Nov 8: sent the unit via Fedex next day.  Tuesday Nov 9: got confirmation and unit was inspected and diagnosed.  Wednesday Nov 10: unit fixed and shipped back to me. Thursday Nov 11: I recieved unit and plugged back into car AC cold again, PROBLEM SOLVED!

Thanks again Jeff
Chris Royale
Coral Springs Fl
2005 Jaguar S-type 4.2L

Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 9:29 AM


It works great thank you!I missed driving that car!


Sent from my iPhone

Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 9:25 AM



Got it installed and bled the system and it works like new! That dccv valve was a knuckle buster, I don’t like the engineer that designed the layout of the system. Many thanks to your website for the instructions and the quick service!

Doug Emde

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 6:45 PM


I finally got the opportunity to install the CCM in our S-Type tonight. The car has been sidelined for two weeks now with engine trouble.
Everything seems to be working perfectly. I have cold air, hot heat and the vents switch fine. The only thing that puzzles me is that there’s apparently some kind of sensor mounted to the top front of the CCM, with a gray and black wire that runs to a plug on the back of the CCM. But there’s no harness inside the car to plug into. It looks like an interior temp sensor of some sort. My car seems to be missing this.
Anyway, thanks for the great service and for helping to restore this car. It’s had a hard life already and I’m having to take these things one thing at a time.


Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 4:46 PM



Thank you very much. It works. I appreciate your help and service. TOP
OF THE LINE. Thank you again.

Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 3:57 PM


Dear Jeff & Mary:
I want to thank the both of you, Jeff, and Mary at Sterling. Each of you have dealt with us like we were the only customers you had, which I know is not the case! You’ve both been very proactive and responsive. It has been noticed and is greatly appreciated.I hope you each have a wonderful evening. Thank you both so much.

Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 1:13 PM
Hello, Jeff:
Everything is great with the car – A/C is working great! Thank you for asking!
Have a great weekend!

Terrie Rogers
Vice President, Adm. Operations
The Garmon Corporation
NaturVet/GreenTree & Pet Organics

Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 5:43 PM


Hi Jeff,

“We had a heat exchange problem with our Jaguar and took it in for diagnostics both in Canada and the US earlier this year. After a lot of explaining about what the problem was and 3-4 hours of diagnostics, we were told by the mechanics we needed to have our CCM control changed and were presented with a quote of over $2000 just for parts and then some more for labor. We went back home, started researching the net and came across Jeff’s website. The problems he claimed was able to solve sounded exactly like the problem we were having.

After short communication, we sent Jeff the  faulty part. He promptly serviced and returned the part. The problem was all fixed and we ended up paying $250 plus insurance and shipping instead of the hefty $2600 quoted at the dealership.

Thanks for everything, Jeff! We can’t say how grateful we are! Great communication and fast service!”

Thanks again!


Burnaby, BC, Canada

from Steve
to Jeff
date Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 5:42 AM
subject Re: [jaguarclimatecontrol.com contact form] DCCV DCCM failure



Received the module and installed it Saturday. YAY AC!

Thank you so much for the repair and making this as painless as possible. Your level of communication is Excellent, goes a long way these days. Will send pictures as I have time.

I am also going to share this with one of the aftermarket Jag shops here near me so may be able to send some business your way.

Nice having Climate control in Hotlanta,


Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 7:40 PM
To Fellow Jag Owners,


I don’t like to write testimonials because I am never fully satisfied with services advertised. But Jeff’s climate control repair and customer service is second to none. I give it a solid 10! The timing of hot air blowing through my 03 Jaguar S Type just at start of a beautiful Southern California weather was not a welcoming event. Jaguar repair shop told be the heater valve was leaking, and also the climate control module needed to be replaced at the cost of over $2700.00. We all know that economy is not doing well, and I was not ready to fork over that much without doing some money saving research. That’s when I came across his business searching through the internet. Before sending the module to Jeff, I had some specific questions that he promptly answered which showed me that he was a very responsible person. Just as Jeff advertised, the module was repaired, and ready to be sent out in just about couple of days after he received it. Since Jeff was within my driving distance, I went to pick it up. Upon my arrival, he hooked the repaired module up temporarily, and we turned the air conditioner on. After few minutes, the cold air started to blow out! It’s been more than a week since the repair, and the air conditioner is working great. He is very courteous, trustworthy, and obviously very skillful. I thank the Lord for leading me to him because I saved over $1,500!


Frank C.

Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 6:52 PM
It arrived Tuesday, went in great along with our new heater valve. Everything worked in all it’s modes perfectly. Made another satisfied customer of both us and trina, who owns the s-type. So thanks again, were deftly adding your name to our Rolodex.
Gavin B.


Daniel E. to me
show details Jun 26 (1 day ago)


Hey Jeff,

I got the module back friday, it works great! Thanks again. I will definitely refer everyone I find with S Type a/c problems to you.
– Sent from my Palm Pre

#79 of 86
Climate Control Module by vdsea25
May 04, 2010 (9:19 pm)

I have a 2005 Jaguar 4.2 S-type. In Aug 09, my AC starting blowing hot air out the driver’s vents and cool air out the passenger’s vents if I closed the vents on the driver’s side. Took the car to an air conditioning specialist and they told me it was the heater control valve that needed to be replaced for a total of $900. I delayed repairs why I tried to find the part on the internet to do the replacement myself. Not too long afterwards I noticed coolant leaking. I eventually had the heater control valve and the auxillary water pump replaced. No change to the A/C. Took the car to the dealer to find out the Climate Control module was shot and replacement would be $1,800+.

Solution: Two weeks ago I trusted the post from Jeffsl and sent my module to him for repairs. In less than 2 days he had it repaired and ready for return to me. I reinstalled the module and I’ve got my cold air back. That was the BEST $275 (I paid $25 for insurance) repair ever!!

If you’re having A/C issues, give Jeffsl a try jaguarclimatecontrolgmail.com thanks Jeff!!!

Apr. 22, 2010
Thanks for all your help.  The jag is working like a champ.  Feel free to use me as a reference.  I had my doubts about sending a valuable part cross country for repair and could not be happier. I will turn to you if I ever have other concerns with a jag. Thanks again. 

Jon J.

Mar 20, 2010

You are the best Jeff!
You helped me avoid a $3200 bullet. Thanks a million!
Do you perform any other repair services on any other vehicles?

Lawrence H.

#73 of 86
Re: 05 jaguar s-type by stypejag
Mar 15, 2010 (6:09 pm)


For those having same problem as I, give Jeff a try. I sent my climate control to him last week and got it back 2 days later, put it back in the car that same night, turn on the air cond, cold air on all the vents, problem solved after 2 months of holding back from $1200 dealer cost.

Jeff, you did great, really appreciated your help.